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If you’ve never been on a zipline in Hawaii before, you’re probably a little nervous. We want to share some tips for you first-time zipliners to make sure you feel safe and have a great time! Check out our 6 tips for when you zipline in Hawaii for the first time:

1. Make a Reservation

friends ziplining in hawaiiYou don’t want to show up to our Keana Farms office in Oahu and be disappointed you don’t have a spot for the zipline tour that day! You should make a reservation before you get here to ensure you grab a spot on the day you want. Once you make a reservation, you want to be sure to keep up with your confirmation information and have it readily accessible when you get to Keana Farms.

2. Allow Enough Time

You want to be sure you plan your day according to ensure you have enough time. Research to see how long it will take to get to Keana Farms and plan enough time to get here. While you’re on the zipline in Hawaii, you should expect to be on the course for about 3 hours, give or take. If you want to add anything else to do the day you come, just be sure to plan well!

3. Wear Appropriate Clothing and Shoes

guide at climbworks keana farmsYou don’t want to be uncomfortable when you’re on a zipline in Hawaii. Short shorts, dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and baggy clothes are not recommended. Neither are flip flops. You should wear shoes that secure around the ankles, so they will not fall off. By wearing appropriate clothing and shoes, you won’t be thinking about how uncomfortable you are; you’ll be thinking about how much fun you’re having!

4. Secure Important Items

Loose items like phones, keys, and water bottles are not recommended to take on our zipline in Hawaii since they can fall off. This rule is for the safety of people working and traveling under the ziplines. If you do decide to take your phone or camera, you should be sure it will not fall out. You might want to leave these important items in your vehicle to ensure you won’t lose them.

5. Wear Sunscreen and Bug Spray

CLIMB WorksOn sunny days, you should apply sunscreen before you ride our zipline in Hawaii. This will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and prevent sunburns. Bugs are everywhere, especially in the forest, so you should consider using bug spray too before you zipline. You might forget to put some on when you get here because you’re so excited, so be sure to apply sunscreen and bug spray before you go out!

6. Have Fun

One of the most important tips we have is to have fun! We know some people are scared of heights or adventure isn’t their thing. Remember that we constantly check ropes and harnesses to ensure our guests’ safety, so all you have to focus on is flying through the trees in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Don’t focus on the height if you’re scared — just focus on your family and friends and how much you enjoy being together! Then you’re sure to have fun on our zipline in Hawaii!

We hope our tips for when you zipline in Hawaii for the first time help you during your trip! Book your zipline tour today to start the fun!

This image portrays 6 Tips When You Zipline in Hawaii For the First Time by CLIMB Works.

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