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You’ve seen it on our t-shirts, on our website and all over our social media, but what exactly is AlwaysCLIMB?

Perhaps you’ve wondered why our name is CLIMB Works when there isn’t much climbing involved. CLIMB is actually an acronym that stands for Challenge. Learn. Inspire. Master. Believe.

If you’ve ever been on one of our tours you’ve heard your guide give his or her personal take on what AlwaysCLIMB means to them. Each guide’s explanation is a little different because everyone’s interpretation of CLIMB is a little different. And that’s exactly how we intended it.

Our goal here at CLIMB Works is to get people out of their comfort zones, to push them to do something that may seem scary or out of reach to them, and to help them realize they are capable of doing so much more than they thought they could do.

We want to see you CLIMB.

On the zipline course, as in life, everyone’s CLIMB is different. For some people, going against all their fears and jumping off a platform is monumental for them. For others it’s the challenge of going upside down or making it up the ascension faster than their partner. Everyone’s comfort zone is different so everyone’s CLIMB is different.

For some it’s committing to run a 5K. For others, it’s training for the IronMan.

For some it’s going after that dream internship. For others, it’s going for the corner office.

For some it’s jumping off a cliff. For others it’s not letting themselves fall off the cliff.

For some it’s letting people in. For others, it’s letting people go.

We had a recent participant who is currently fighting cancer and has used the AlwaysCLIMB motto as his personal fight motto. What an inspiration that is to hear.  

An amazing thing we’ve discovered along the way is that it’s easier to CLIMB when you feel supported. We’ve had people that were scared to death to jump who were cheered on by complete strangers on their tour. And you know what? They jumped. Sometimes we all just need to be told ‘you can do this.’ And when we realize we can do that thing we didn’t think we could do, we want to do the next thing we didn’t think we could do, and the next and the next.

That is what we want to give people; the realization that when we push ourselves we can do incredible things.

And that is what it means to alwaysCLIMB.

Share YOUR AlwaysCLIMB story. We want to hear how you AlwaysCLIMB. You never know who will hear your story and be encouraged by it. We are, after all, all in this together. Share your stories using the form below.