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Is ziplining safe?

This section is specifically for you, the nervous trip planner. We appreciate your apprehension and want you to know that safety is always our top priority.

We’ve had ages 7 – 95 zipline with us and our zipline tours truly are an experience the whole family can enjoy. Whether you are nervous about heights or are concerned how safe ziplining is, we invite you to read our safety standards below as well as some online reviews. It isn’t hard to find one that starts with “I was nervous at first, BUT…”

Awesome First Timer ExperienceThey were all business when it came to safety. The way they handled everything made you feel at ease, especially some of us first timers. The facilities, equipment and structures were all first class. I would recommend Climb Works to anyone. Especially first time zipliners, you will have a great experience.

Tom P.TripAdvisor

Great First time ExperienceThis was my first time zipping..I must say I was very nervous at first and had no idea what to expect…our guides were awesome though and made us feel very comfortable and safe. After the first line, my fears were gone.


First Time ZiplinerThis was my first time ziplining, and I have a small fear of heights (okay, heights terrify me). Our guides were fun and understand. They made it an enjoyable experience and made sure everyone felt safe the entire time. Once I made it through the first zipline my nerves went away, and I was able to enjoy the views and adrenaline rush.


Our Safety Standards

We exceed industry safety standards
If you are nervous, you can set your mind at ease. We follow and exceed all industry safety standards set by ACCT and ANSI. Safety is always our first priority and we have the track record to prove it.

Always Clipped In
Throughout your tour you will always be safely secured and our trained guides will take care of all equipment transfers to hook you up to the zip line and other parts of the course. You’re in good hands.

Is it safe for first-timers?
Absolutely. No zipline experience is necessary because our trained staff takes care of all equipment transfers and safety operations from start to finish.

Trained guides
CLIMB Works’ background is in safety training and has years worth of professional training experience. Each of our trained guides that will take you through your tour has undergone thorough and extensive safety training; we also require ongoing training to maintain a high level of safety. These trainings include basic safety techniques and protocol to advanced rescue scenarios.

A place to visit if you seek adventure and safety at the same time.

– John, Yelp

Will I be required to ‘hand-brake’ myself?
No. We take care of all the braking for you. By eliminating ‘hand-braking’ we have taken the safety issue of speed regulation out of the hands of participants and put it into the hands of your trained guides. We also use the best in zip line braking, the ZIPKEA, which eliminates riders having to “hand-brake” or drag themselves over spans on cable. For more information on ZIPKEA, visit www.hackwellinnovations.com.

What if I am afraid of heights?
A lot of – if not most – people are afraid or at least uneasy with heights. What we have found is after doing the first zip line, the fear or unease goes away when you see how easy ziplining is. You know that feeling you get on roller coasters where your stomach drops? That doesn’t happen in ziplining. So it’s OK and normal to be a little apprehensive, but you’ve got this.

Course design & construction
CLIMB Works builds zipline tours all over the country. To go above and beyond the industry safety standards, we team up with structural engineers, professional arborists, and other industry professionals. Every part of our course has built-in redundancies for added security. With years of experience in course design, construction, training and inspection, we lead the industry in innovative safety practices.

Equipment used
All equipment used complies with and exceeds industry standards, and is inspected regularly.