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One of the best things about CLIMB Works Keana Farms is our spectacular location on Oahu’s famous North Shore, home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world! Our 3 hour guided zipline tours not only offer the adrenaline rush of ziplining and unique panoramic views of the area, but the chance to learn more about Hawaii’s rich history! To make your visit even more interesting, here are 3 fascinating things you should know about the North Shore of Oahu:

1. World Famous Surfing Destination

surfing on oahuIf you have ever seen those cool photos of surfers catching massive waves, there is a good chance that it was taken on the North Shore of Oahu! This world famous surfing destination hosts many amateur and professional surfing competitions throughout the winter months, which is the time of year when gigantic 30 foot waves are prevalent. Ehukai Beach, home to the Banzai Pipeline, is an especially popular surfing spot due to its huge waves and proximity to the beach where spectators can enjoy a fantastic view of the action! If you are planning to do some surfing of your own, consider visiting during the summer months when the waves are much gentler and better for beginners.

2. Popular Filming Location

The North Shore of Oahu is a popular filming location! You have probably seen this gorgeous region on your television for years! The remote Western areas of the North Shore were the setting for the hit television program “Lost”, which was filmed almost completely in Oahu. Another hit show filmed in Oahu was “Baywatch”, where the lifeguards ran across the sands of Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park! The region was also used in several movie sets as well, including the movies “Blue Crush”, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and of course the 1987 film “North Shore”.

3. Wonderful Beaches to Explore

pokai beach in oahu hawaiiWhen it comes to the best beaches in Hawaii, the North Shore of Oahu has several wonderful beaches to explore! Turtle Bay, which was named after the sea turtles who once laid eggs in this northeastern tip of Oahu, is a delightful spot for swimming, snorkeling and fishing. Its unique location protects the beach from large waves and makes it perfect for strolling or sunbathing! Ehukai Beach is the most notable surf spot on the North Shore and ehukai is Hawaiian for “sea spray” which describes the beautiful effect created by the sunlight as it hits the sprays from the breaking waves. Sunset Beach extends 2 miles from Ehukai Beach to Sunset Point and is subdivided into several popular surf spots, including Pupukea, Back Doors, Log Cabins and Gas Chambers. Finally, Waimea Bay is popular for its winter waves but its shore breaks are considered to be among the world’s most dangerous!

Now that you are more familiar with the North Shore of Oahu, check out our thrilling zipline tours to experience the beauty of this region from a bird’s eye view in the mountains! We hope to see you soon at CLIMB Works Keana Farms!

This image portrays 3 Fascinating Things You Should Know About the North Shore of Oahu by CLIMB Works.

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