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Even if you’ve been ziplining before, you’ve never experienced anything quite like a tour at CLIMB Works Keana Farms! Located on the grounds of a working farm on Oahu’s North Shore, our zipline course combines state of the art technology with breathtaking natural beauty. To help you prepare for your next vacation, we have put together a guide to five things that make our Oahu ziplines totally unique.

1. Patented Braking SystemA smiling woman riding one of our Oahu ziplines.

Many ziplines employ a “hand-braking” system, in which participants must wear gloves and grab onto the zipline cable in order to slow down. While hand-braking is very common, it increases the risk of inconvenience and injury for participants. An overwhelmed zipliner might brake too early and get stuck in the middle of a line or he might forget to brake at all and slam full speed into a stationary object. Hand-brakes have also been known to cause friction burns if a piece of skin is accidentally exposed to a cable.

Here at CLIMB Works, we have eschewed hand-braking in favor of our own patented braking system called ZIPKEA. This device absorbs the energy produced by a zipline rider and reuses it to bring the participant to a comfortable landing speed. ZIPKEA also features a built-in retrieval system that brings riders to the landing platform if they are coming in too slow.

2. Dual Line Design

Another thing that makes our Oahu ziplines unique is their dual line design. All eight of our lines can be enjoyed by two riders at the same time. Guests can soar through the sky side by side with a friend or family member. Of course, our dual lines are especially fun for couples who are on vacation together. What could be more romantic than flying over the North Shore’s gorgeous scenery with the one you love?

A smiling couple riding one of our Oahu ziplines.

3. The Longest Zipline on the Island

CLIMB Works Keana Farms is home to the longest zipline in Oahu! Stretching for roughly 2,500 feet (about half a mile), our signature line is absolutely thrilling. Our entire zipline course is bigger than any of the other courses in the area, and we also boast the highest ziplines on the island.

4. Beautiful Photos

If you were hoping to get a souvenir photo from your zipline adventure, we’ve got you covered! As you make your way through the tour, your guides will snap some great action shots of your whole group enjoying the course. All of your photos will be available for purchase at the end of the tour.

Guests enjoying an ATV ride to our Oahu ziplines.5. Bonus Adventures

Ziplines aren’t the only fun you’ll enjoy when you take a tour at CLIMB Works! Each tour begins with a 10-minute ATV ride into the forest, which is an adventure in itself. Other highlights include three open-air bridges, two rappels, and a number of learning stations where you’ll hear fun facts about Hawaiian history and culture. Guests will even have the chance to sample some of the food grown right here at Keana Farms, including apple bananas, cherry tomatoes, and macadamia nuts.

To start planning your visit to our Oahu ziplines, head on over to our Reservations page!

This image portrays 5 Things That Make Our Oahu Ziplines Unique by CLIMB Works.

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