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If you’ve never visited Hawaii before, you may be wondering what kind of animals you might see while you’re on Oahu. You could encounter a wide variety of animals, maybe even some you’ve never seen before! Here’s some of the Hawaiian wildlife you might see while you’re visiting Oahu:


dolphin in the waterDolphins are some of the smartest creatures out of all the Hawaiian wildlife. The bay is usually where you’ll spot the dolphins since that’s where they typically mate. Spinner dolphins are the most common type you’ll spot. To keep yourself and dolphins safe, keep a safe distance from them. We’re sure you’ll enjoy watching them from afar!


Whales are another sea creature you’ll probably see, especially if you’re on the beach or in the water. During winter, whales migrate from Alaska to Hawaii, so you have a better chance of seeing them at this time of the year. Humpback whales are known for mating in Hawaiian waters. You might also see North Pacific right whales, minke whales, Bryde’s blue whales, and fin whales.



The sea turtles who call Hawaii home are known as hawksbill sea turtles. They are considered endangered because people poach them for their decorative shells. These turtles feed on sea sponges that live in coral reefs, so they sometimes change where they call home. You could see these creatures in the water or on the beach but should keep a safe distance from them.


There are 2 types of seals that call Hawaii home: elephant seals and Hawaiian monk seals. You’ll find plenty of elephant seals and will know the difference due to their loud call. Hawaiian monk seals are the rarest seal species in the world. While these wild creatures are beautiful, they shouldn’t be approached by humans.


mongoose on a beachEven though it’s non-native Hawaiian wildlife, you’ll probably see quite a few Indian mongeese. These creatures were introduced to Hawaii to lower the rat population in sugar cane fields. Mongeese ravaged after bird and turtle eggs, being blamed for the population dip of Hawaiian crows, geese, and other birds. The long, brown body of the mongoose makes it look like a weasel.


There are multiple species of birds you’ll find in Hawaiian wildlife. At one point, there were over 100 endemic species of birds in Hawaii. Due to other animals and humans, the birds of Hawaiian are the most threatened in the entire world. Some sea birds include noddies, shearwaters, and laysan albatross. Forest birds that can be found in Hawaii include yellow-green ‘amakihi, black-billed ‘apapane, and salmon-billed i’iwi. The state bird of Hawaii is the nene or Hawaiian goose.

We hope you get to see all the Hawaiian wildlife you can during your visit to Oahu! The best thing you can do when you see one of these creatures is to keep your distance and enjoy them from far away for the safety of the creatures and yourself. While you’re sight-seeing around Oahu come check out our ziplining tours at Keana Farms for an incredible experience you won’t find anywhere else. You might even see some Hawaiian wildlife while you’re here!

This image portrays Most Popular Hawaiian Wildlife You Might See While in Oahu by CLIMB Works.

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