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One of the most important things that you should consider when planning any zipline tour is the braking system used at the end of each line. While some zipline companies require that you use a handbrake to slow yourself down, CLIMB Works takes care of all the braking for you with the innovative ZIPKEA! Here are 4 huge benefits of the braking system on our ziplines in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Self Regulated Braking System

tree top view ziplineOne of the things that makes the ZIPKEA the best braking system is that it is a self-regulated system that automatically applies pressure based on the speed of the rider. Therefore, the faster a rider engages the brake, the more pressure the ZIPKEA applies to slow down the rider. When you are zipping through the sky at CLIMB Works, you never have to worry about going too fast because our braking system will slow you down quickly and smoothly. Simply enjoy the ride as you soar in the air like an eagle and we’ll take care of the rest!

2. Easily Captures Riders

When you are riding our ziplines in the Smoky Mountains, you never have to be concerned about coming short of the landing platform! The ZIPKEA easily captures riders that don’t make it all the way to the end of the line so that you will never be stranded and have to drag yourself over spans of cable! Between the state-of-the-art braking system and the carefully designed course at CLIMB Works, the only thing that you have to focus on is having fun!

3. Replaces Hand Braking Systems

girl ziplining in the smoky mountainsAnother huge benefit of the ZIPKEA braking system is that there is no hand braking necessary on our ziplines in the Smoky Mountains! Some zipline operators in other locations may use an active braking system where participants must wear leather gloves or use brake pads against the zipline in order to slow down. As you can imagine, this braking system substantially increases the risk of injury to participants as you are forced to put your hands and limbs close to fast moving zipline components! When joining a zipline tour at CLIMB Works, you can always count on a safe experience with a professional course and trained guides!

4. Allows Most Guests to Participate

The ZIPKEA braking system can accommodate riders up to 270 pounds (for heights 5′10″ and over) and 250 lbs (for heights under 5′10″), which allows most guests to participate on our zipline tours! We also require that you be at least 7 years old to experience our ziplines in the Smoky Mountains. If you are under 70 lbs and at least 7 years old, you can still participate but you may be required to ride tandem with a guide or another family member.

As you can see, CLIMB Works is dedicated to innovative technology and the safety of our guests! Check out all of the information about our ziplines in the Smoky Mountains today to plan your adventure on the most thrilling zipline tour around!

This image portrays 4 Benefits of the Braking System on Our Ziplines in the Smoky Mountains by CLIMB Works.

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