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Here at CLIMB Works Keana Farms, guests are often surprised to find out the meaning behind our company’s name. Many people assume that the “climb” in CLIMB Works simply refers to the fun rope climbing that is part of our zipline course. While there is plenty of climbing during our adventures, the “climb” in CLIMB Works is actually an acronym for Challenge. Learn. Inspire. Master. Believe. Pretty cool, right?

These words are more than just flowery language; they represent the essence of our company’s philosophy. CLIMB Works was founded with the mission of helping people accomplish more than they ever thought they could. Every day, our team is blessed with the opportunity to guide our guests through an unforgettable experience that leaves them with a real sense of accomplishment. To help you prepare for your visit to our ziplines in Oahu, we have put together a brief guide to the CLIMB ideology.

1. ChallengeGuests pulling themselves up with ropes at our ziplines in Oahu.

The legendary motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” We completely agree. In order for people to grow, they must first step out of their comfort zones. For many of our guests, going ziplining is a completely new, and somewhat frightening prospect. Whizzing through the sky at 30 miles per hour is definitely not an everyday experience!

The zipline course at CLIMB Works is the perfect way for guests to challenge themselves in a safe and controlled environment. Our course is designed for first-timers, and our guides will be with you every step of the way. As our owner Nick Thompson puts it, “It’s not about pushing to the extreme. It’s about pushing just beyond the comfortable.”

2. Learn

The second tenet of the CLIMB way of life is to always learn new things. When you make your way through or canopy tour, our knowledgeable guides will teach you lots of interesting information, not just about ziplining but about Hawaii as well. Guests will be immersed in local history and culture, and they will learn how to pronounce Hawaiian words.

Of course, all of this learning will never feel like school! Instead of sitting in a classroom, you’ll be enjoying hands-on experiences like cracking macadamia nuts with mortars and pestles and sampling sustainably grown fruit from Keana Farms.

A couple riding one of our ziplines in Oahu.3. Inspire

When we are presented with a challenge, inspiration is key in overcoming our obstacles. The guides at CLIMB Works are sure to inspire you with their unrelenting positivity and supportive attitude. Of course, our guests will also take inspiration from Hawaii’s breathtaking natural beauty. As you ride our ziplines in Oahu, you will admire spectacular views of the mountains, oceans, and greenery.

4. Master

There is no better feeling than mastering a challenge. When guests complete our zipline course, they are noticeably changed. They are more exuberant, more confident, and to put it simply, more alive. Guests who arrive with a fear of heights often end their tour by choosing to zip upside down. Witnessing this transformation is the best part of working at CLIMB Works!

5. BelieveA young woman enjoying one of our ziplines in Oahu.

Once you have conquered a challenge, you will find that you have a new sense of self-confidence. Throughout our canopy tours, guests know that their guides believe in them, and by the end of the adventure, they believe in themselves. This self-belief will follow you long after your visit to CLIMB Works, and it will serve you well as you embark on exciting new challenges.

Ready to plan your trip to our ziplines in Oahu? Visit our Reservations page to book your canopy tour today!

This image portrays What It Means to C.L.I.M.B. at Our Ziplines in Oahu by CLIMB Works.

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