About CLIMB Works


To get people out of their comfort zones in a safe and controlled environment


CLIMB is an acronym: Challenge. Learn. Inspire. Master. Believe.




An important component in helping us carry out our mission is combining adventure and nature in our activities. Adventure can bring excitement and fear, while nature can relax and calm. And while adventure gets a bad reputation for being dangerous, it doesn’t have to be. For us it’s not about pushing to the extreme, it’s about pushing beyond the comfortable.


In 2005 CLIMB Works began building, inspecting, and doing safety trainings for ropes courses. Quality and practical designs and workmanship set the company apart. A few years later, the first location owned and operated by CLIMB Works opened in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in June 2010.

After building several zipline tours around the country for other clients, CLIMB Works’ second location opened on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii in June 2014.

Our Eco-footprint

While every company leaves a footprint in their surrounding environment, not every shoe size is equal. Using natural resources efficiently, or being “green,” is a priority for us. There are plenty of ways to be sustainable as long as you have a little creativity. This mentality translates into everything we do: from design and construction to education and preservation. We lead the outdoor adventure industry in new and sustainable practices.


When it comes to our canopy tour, it’s all about the trees. Building a structure in something that is alive sparked our tree-inspired platform design, which is half the weight of conventional designs and allows over 25 years of growth before any major adjustments! The trees that inevitably had to come down were used for walking bridges, wood-chip trails, and structural accents in our main office. With a full-time arborist on our team and many other skilled professionals, we are always working to improve our installation methods and stay on the cutting edge of tree care innovation.

Even the location of our road to the start of our course was strategically placed. The road is located on the western corner of our property where storm and ice had already killed over 70% of the old growth.


However, our LEED-Certified main office building is our pride and joy when it comes to sustainable practices.

First, we thought about how to use what we already had most efficiently. Previously in the location of our current facility, there was an old abandoned and structurally unsound barn that we tore down piece by piece so we could salvage as much wood as possible hoping to be able to use it for something. Little did we know at the time that we’d find uses for over 80% of the usable material we meticulously took down and saved. From the old metal roofs, large wood beams, old 2×4’s, and even the old barn door — we used it all. The building also contains high-energy efficient heating and air, insta-heat hot water units, fluorescent lighting, dual-flush toilets, concrete flooring and countertops, wood stove heating, local lumber supplies, low VOC paints, white wool insulation, paperless waiver systems, digital photos, and many more new sustainable technologies. We now had ourselves an ecological and sustainable business from all aspects.