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Here at CLIMB Works Keana Farms, we are very proud of our TripAdvisor reviews! We currently boast a perfect 5-star average rating, over 1,300 glowing reviews, and a Certificate of Excellence. In fact, CLIMB Works is ranked as the #1 outdoor activity on Oahu’s North Shore. To help you prepare for your next vacation, we have put together a guide to the top six things TripAdvisor users love about our Oahu zipline course.

1. Riding Side-by-Side on Our Dual Lines

CLIMB Works Keana Farms features eight exhilarating ziplines that range from 500 ft to nearly half a mile. Our dual line design allows guests to whizz through the sky in pairs! Here is what visitors had to say about our dual lines:

• “It’s tandem lines, so honeymooners/couples/BFFs rejoice! You can go side by side with your friend or loved one which is pretty awesome.”

• “There were so many ziplines and there was never a time we had to wait more than a couple of minutes for the group in front of us to go. The dual lines at each zip ensured you weren’t standing around long.”

• “The experience in Oahu was extra fun because of the dual lines. I enjoyed going side by side with my husband on some of the lines. We both had a great time!”

• “Dual ziplines allow for racing and keep everyone busy.”

2. Taking in the Breathtaking ViewsBeautiful ocean views from our Oahu zipline course.

The ziplines at CLIMB Works offer unparalleled views of the North Shore! Here is what TripAdvisor reviewers wrote about the panoramic vistas from our course:

• “The views are incredible and the ziplines are the perfect height to see all around. Best of both worlds: mountains and ocean!”

• “I love that you can see lush green and ocean views from nearly (if not all) lines. When I zipped in Kauai last year, it was tons of fun and great views, but it was all interior. The views at CLIMB Works were far better…who knew!”

• “The views are spectacular. They have some long runs and a couple of drops are aimed facing the ocean which is amazing.”

3. Hanging with Our Awesome Guides

The guides at CLIMB Works are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! Their enthusiasm for ziplining is contagious, and they will do everything in their power to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience with us. As you can see in the reviews below, guests can’t get enough of our guides:

• “Our guides were great!! They explained everything in detail to us and genuinely wanted us to have a great time. We loved the competitions they had us compete in with our fellow zipliners. Easily the most fun we had on our trip.”

• “The staff…..how do I begin to say how awesome they were. Our guides were nothing short of amazing. They are well trained and very knowledgeable. They displayed patience, amiability and good humor. They also took safety precautions seriously. I thought I was going for just a zipline experience, but I got much more….knowledge, confidence, encouragement, motivation, empowerment, lots of fun and laughter.”

• “But did I mention the STAFF!?!? Every single one of them is HILARIOUS, down to earth, comedians, who encouraged us to step out of our element and C.L.I.M.B.”

A couple eating cherry tomatoes at our Oahu zipline course.4. Sampling Local Snacks

As you make your way through our Oahu zipline course, you’ll have the chance to try some of Keana Farms’ fresh produce and nuts. Read on to see what guests thought of our tasty snacks:

• “Keana Farms is also a working farm focused on sustainable agriculture. Along the tour you get to taste some of their produce including tomatoes, macadamia nuts, and bananas.”

• “They let you sample some of the fruit grown on the farm. Make sure you try the apple banana – it’s a banana that tastes like an apple!”

• “Loved, loved, loved the farm and tasting the delicious treats offered to us.”

•“ We cracked macadamia nuts with mortars and pestles! I felt so primal.”

5. Learning About Hawaii’s History

When they’re not soaring above the trees, guests at CLIMB Works will enjoy hearing a little bit about Hawaii’s fascinating history and culture. Here is what TripAdvisor reviewers had to say about learning from our guides:

• “Besides great ziplining, you also learn about Hawaiian history and culture and the need to increase self sustainability. The guys were very knowledgeable about ziplining, the farm and island. I would definitely do this again!”

• “The guides were great about sharing the history of the land and what was growing. They give a little history/info at each line, but keep it light and interesting, was far from boring! Highly recommend.”

• “Even after many trips to Hawaii, we learned new things about Hawaiian history and loved discovering the North Shore.”

6. Feeling Totally Safe and SecureA woman crossing a rope bridge at CLIMB Works Keana Farms.

At CLIMB Works, safety is our number one priority. All of our guides receive hours of training and we use state of the art equipment that exceeds the industry’s safety standards. We also specialize in first-timers and guests who may be a little uncertain about heights. As you can see in the reviews below, our guests definitely felt like they were in good hands:

• “Our guides did a great job explaining the safety features and exactly what you needed to do. They start you off with a short and easy line and progress to more exciting ones, but you always feel safe. So much so that my 11 year old daughter was zipping thru those lines without hesitation. Great activity for the whole family!”

• “I told our guides before we went up to the first line about my fear of heights and they were really supportive and understanding. I bet they have my kind of people there every day! At the end of the tour, it actually felt better to look down!”

• “There were always two of the tour guides receiving us when we zipped and one tour guide letting us go, so you felt safe the whole time. We were always double hooked on the platforms.”

Ready to plan your trip to our Oahu zipline course? Visit our Reservations page to book your adventure today!

This image portrays 6 Things Guests Love About Our Oahu Zipline Course by CLIMB Works.

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