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Wondering what to bring when you go ziplining in Oahu? Here are five things you’ll want to take with you to CLIMB Works Keana Farms:

1. Comfortable Shoes and ClothesTwo people ziplining in Oahu at CLIMB Works Keana Farms.

When you visit CLIMB Works, you will definitely want to wear comfortable closed toe shoes. We recommend wearing tennis shoes that provide decent traction, as walking is part of the tour. Sandals and flip-flops are not permitted since they can lead to stubbed toes and are prone to falling off.

Casual, athletic clothing is ideal for ziplining. Baggy clothes, loose jewelry, and very short shorts should be avoided. Pants or shorts with zippered pockets are great if you plan on taking personal belongings with you during your tour.

2. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

If you don’t want to finish your zipline adventure looking like a lobster, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen prior to your tour! The sun shines very brightly in Oahu, so we suggest that our fair-skinned guests bring some sunscreen to CLIMB Works and apply it right before they embark on their tour for maximum protection. We provide lockers for our guests to use, so you don’t need to worry about holding onto your sunscreen when you go ziplining. Sunglasses and a ballcap will keep the sun out of your eyes as you whizz across the sky.

Two guys ziplining in Oahu at CLIMB Works Keana Farms.3. Thin Rain Poncho

While Oahu typically boasts great weather, it isn’t uncommon for short bursts of rain to occur throughout the day. As long as there is no lightning or thunder, CLIMB Works continues to offer tours when it is raining. If the forecast is calling for some precipitation when you’re scheduled to go ziplining in Oahu, consider bringing a thin rain poncho to wear when it showers.

4. GoPro Camera

Unlike some other zipline courses, CLIMB Works Keana Farms allows guests to bring cameras and phones. However, we highly suggest that these items be secured with a lanyard or a strap, since loose items may fall out during your tour. The most convenient way to take videos or pictures of your zipline adventure is with a GoPro. CLIMB Works offers special helmets equipped with GoPro mounts, so you can take awesome hands-free, POV footage.

Of course, guests don’t need to bring a camera to take home some great pictures of their tour! CLIMB Works takes professional photos of all our guests at five strategic locations throughout the course. These photos are available for viewing and purchasing right after the tour.

5. A Sense of AdventureA girl and her father ziplining in Oahu.

Although this item may be a little more intangible, we highly recommend bringing a sense of adventure with you to our zipline course! For most people, ziplining is a few steps outside of their comfort zone. When you bring a sense of adventure with you, however, you’ll view our course as an exciting new challenge to conquer. This can-do attitude is guaranteed to make your zipline experience an absolute blast.

Ready to go ziplining in Oahu? Visit our Reservations page to book your tour today!

This image portrays 5 Things to Bring When You Go Ziplining in Oahu at CLIMB Works Keana Farms by CLIMB Works.

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