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Our ziplines in Oahu, Hawaii are the best around! When you visit CLIMB Works Keana Farms, you get to experience a 3-hour guided zipline tour on the longest ziplines in Oahu. During your zipline adventure, you’ll enjoy an ATV ride, cross sky bridges and more. To learn more about what to expect when you visit us, check out these 4 things you didn’t know about our Keana Farms ziplines:

1. Offer a Learning Experience

Everyone knows our ziplines provide a thrilling adventure, but did you know they offer an amazing learning experience as well? During the zipline tour, you will get to learn all about Hawaii! We’ve set up educational exhibits along the way that teach you about Hawaii’s history, culture and farming. We felt it was important for visitors to know about the beautiful place in which they’re having fun, and it will definitely change the way you look at Hawaii. You will learn all about how Hawaii has changed over the last few hundred years, from Historic Hawaii, to the Plantation Era, to today.

2. ZIPKEA Braking

A smiling woman riding one of our Oahu ziplines.Did you know that we have a special braking system in place at our Keana Farms ziplines? Hand-braking can be dangerous, so we wanted to try something different. That’s why we chose to use the ZIPKEA. This eliminates hand-braking and you having to drag yourself over spans on cable. We’ve taken the safety issue of speed regulation out of your hands and left it in the hands of our experts. With ZIPKEA, the rider’s energy is absorbed by the brake’s wheels and used to slow down the rider without producing heat or other friction, which is much safer than hand-brakes!

3. Surprises Throughout the Tour

You can’t know everything about our zipline tour, because we make sure to incorporate a few surprises throughout your adventure! The surprises are designed to challenge you in a safe and controlled environment, as well as provide more excitement. Our goal at CLIMB Works is to get you to step outside of your comfort zone in a safe way, and our course provides the perfect opportunity for you to do so. We combine both adventure and nature to push you just beyond the comfortable. You’ll have to try our tour for yourself to find out what surprises we have in store!

4. Explore the Working Farm

A couple eating cherry tomatoes at our Oahu zipline course.Our ziplines are a way for you to experience a working farm in Hawaii! Keana Farms produces more than 1 million pounds of produce each year. Instead of just admiring gorgeous views, you can explore it in a whole new way! We give you the opportunity to see papaya, apple bananas, taro, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and more — and we even let you taste some! Tasting apple bananas and cherry tomatoes has been included in our tour to help you become even more familiar with Keana Farms.

Now that you know everything there is to know about our Keana Farms ziplines, it’s time to plan your adventure! Book your zipline tour today for an experience of a lifetime.

This image portrays 4 Things You Don’t Know About Our Keana Farms Ziplines by CLIMB Works.

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