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CLIMB Works is known for offering an incredible ziplining experience in the Smoky Mountains that pushes people out of their comfort zones and inspires them to try new adventures. Their new Mountaintop Zipline Tour continues to live up to that reputation. Here are 4 things you need to know about CLIMB Works’ Mountaintop Zipline Tour in the Smoky Mountains:

1. More Than 2,000 ft. of Elevation

This zipline course allows you to experience more than 2,000 feet of elevation! Not only will you soar high above the mountain tops, but you’ll get to see the most breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains. The course includes 360-degree viewing platforms, where you can take in the gorgeous scenery of the mountains, and even see views of Mt. Leconte, the third highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

CLIMB Works2. Learn Smoky Mountain History

When you go ziplining in the Smoky Mountains on the Mountaintop Zipline Tour with CLIMB Works, you’ll get to do more than enjoy the view. You will also get to learn about the history of the Smoky Mountains! You will learn everything from its Cherokee Indian roots, to how it grew to be the most-visited national park. So not only will you have a blast while you are ziplining, but you will get to learn a little about how the Smoky Mountains transformed into what they are today.

3. Dual Ziplines

The Mountaintop Zipline Tour in the Smoky Mountains features 6 dual ziplines. It’s the perfect zipline tour for friends, couples and families! Ziplining is an incredible experience that is made even better when you can share it with others. You can zipline side by side as you take in the stunning views together. The ziplines on this course are the longest lines at CLIMB Works, which means you will have more time to enjoy the beauty of the Smoky Mountains!

CLIMB Works4. More Than Just Ziplines

Just like the Smoky Mountain zipline canopy tour at CLIMB Works, the Mountaintop Zipline Tour is more than just ziplines. On this tour, not only will you have 6 dual ziplines, but your experience will include an ATV ride to the top of the mountain, 4 aerial bridges and a thrilling rappel drop to end your adventure.

CLIMB Works’ Mission

CLIMB stands for challenge, learn, inspire, master and believe. Our mission is to get people out of their comfort zones in a safe and controlled environment. We combine adventure, which brings both excitement and a little fear, with nature, which relaxes and calms you, to create the ultimate outdoor experience. Our Mountaintop Zipline Tour in the Smoky Mountains allows you to overcome your fears and just enjoy the moment. Once you complete the tour, it will inspire you to try even more exciting adventures!

Find out more information about our Mountaintop Zipline Tour in the Smoky Mountains and start planning your adventure with CLIMB Works today!

This image portrays 4 Things to Know About CLIMB Works’ Mountaintop Zipline Tour in the Smoky Mountains by CLIMB Works.

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