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At CLIMB Works, we’ve worked hard to create a sustainable environment at our ziplining course. We believe that there are plenty of ways to “go green,” and that was a priority for us when we designed both our ziplines and our mountain biking course. When you zipline at CLIMB Works, you can take pride knowing that you’re doing it in an environmentally safe structure! Here’s how our ziplines in Gatlinburg are eco-friendly.

1. Tree-Inspired Platform Design

When we designed our canopy tour, we knew we wanted a tree-inspired platform design. Our design is half the weight of conventional designs and allows more than 25 years of growth before having to do any major adjustments! Though some trees did have to come down, we made sure to put them to good use! Those trees were used for walking bridges, wood-chip trails and even structural accents in our main office. We even have a full-time arborist who works with us, as well as many other skilled professionals who all work together to improve our installation methods and stay on the cutting edge of tree care innovation.

platform at CLIMB Works2. Location of Course

Another way our ziplines in Gatlinburg are eco-friendly is because of the location of our course! The road to get to the start of our ziplines was strategically placed on the western corner of our property. This is because, in that area, storms and ice had already killed over 70 percent of the old growth. Instead of clearing out an area with healthy growth, we chose a place where the majority was already dead!

3. The Barn

When you come visit CLIMB Works, be sure to take a minute to admire our office building! Our office is LEED-Certified, which is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. When we were deciding where our office building should be, we thought about how to use what we already had in the most efficient way. In the location of our office, there was an abandoned and structurally unsound barn. We tore it down piece by piece to salvage as much wood as possible to use for other things. We were able to use more than 80 percent of the material we saved! Our office also has high-energy efficient heating and air, insta-heat hot water units, dual-flush toilets, fluorescent lighting and more. We even use sustainable technologies like digital photos and paperless waiver systems. Our office is our pride and joy!

Eco-Friendly Mountain Biking Trail

A woman mountain biking in Gatlinburg at CLIMB Works.Our mountain biking trail is also eco-friendly! There is nothing more “green” than mountain biking. There is just you, a bike with no motor, and a pathway made of dirt. We even specially designed the trail to be sustainable. We’ve set it up so that it drains properly after rainfall and other moisture, and it protects and preserves the natural surrounding area because it doesn’t require much maintenance or upkeep. The trees that were cut down when it was built were used for different bridges on the course and its most popular feature: The Curliest.

We lead the outdoor adventure industry in new and sustainable practices. Learn more about our ziplines in Gatlinburg, then start planning your “green” experience in the Smoky Mountains!

This image portrays How CLIMB Works’ Ziplines in Gatlinburg Are Eco-Friendly by CLIMB Works.

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