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Located at the doorstep of the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN is the ultimate destination for outdoor adventures! If you are looking for an exhilarating way to soak up all of the spectacular scenery, we highly recommend visiting CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains for a day of mountain biking. Whether you’re a seasoned biker or a beginner, you’ll have a phenomenal time hitting the trails with us. To help you plan your next vacation, we have put together five reasons you’ll love mountain biking in Gatlinburg at CLIMB Works.

1. Gatlinburg’s Only Mountain Bike CourseA woman mountain biking in Gatlinburg at CLIMB Works.

The Smoky Mountain region boasts some of the best mountain biking conditions in the nation. In addition to all of the natural beauty, the area features tacky dirt, a type of soil that provides bikers with excellent traction. The unique consistency of the dirt means that tires grip the ground with ease, which allows bikers to reach top speeds without losing control.

The bad news is that mountain biking is not permitted in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The good news is that CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains offers a beautiful mountain biking trail right across the street from the park! Our course features the same unspoiled wilderness found in the Smokies with none of the biking restrictions.

2. Rent a Bike or Bring Your Own

When you go mountain biking in Gatlinburg at CLIMB Works, you’ll have the option of either bringing a bike from home or renting one from us. We offer high-end Trek mountain bikes for both men and women and a great selection of youth bikes. Our friendly staff members will adjust your bike so it is perfectly suited to your height and weight. Renting a bicycle from us is ideal for guests who don’t have mountain bikes of their own or vacationers who want to skip the hassle of transporting bikes in their car.

A girl mountain biking in Gatlinburg on The Curliest.3. Perfect for Every Ability

The CLIMB Works trail, a.k.a “El Regis”, is wonderful for both seasoned bikers and first-timers. Our experienced guides will ride the first loop with you to get you comfortable with the trail and give you some helpful pointers along the way. After that, El Regis is self-guided, so guests can set their own pace as they conquer the trail. Adrenaline junkies can whizz through El Regis as fast as they can, while novices can take their time and build confidence throughout their ride.

4. The Curliest is a Blast

The most-buzzed-about part of El Regis is definitely “The Curliest.” Located on top of a stream, The Curliest is a spiraling wooden course that many guests have compared to a roller coaster. Seasoned bikers will love riding high on the wooden walls for a thrilling experience, while beginners can take it slow and let the twists and turns of The Curliest guide them to the finish line.

5. We Offer Awesome Zipline Adventures TooA man ziplining in the Smoky Mountains at CLIMB Works.

If you’re looking for even more outdoor fun during your vacation, be sure to sign up for one of our incredible zipline adventures! CLIMB Works’ 2.5-hour canopy tour features nine awesome ziplines, three sky bridges, and a surprise ending. The views of the Smoky Mountains from high above the trees are absolutely breathtaking.

To learn more about combining mountain biking in Gatlinburg with a fun zipline tour, check out our combo packages!

This image portrays Top 5 Reasons You’ll Love Mountain Biking in Gatlinburg at CLIMB Works by CLIMB Works.

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